Party Bus Aramingo

Aramingo Borough Bars & Restaurants

Here are some of our favorite spots in Aramingo Borough!

  • Gaul & Co. Malthouse
    (215) 423-7878
    3133 Gaul Street, Philadelphia, PA 19134
  • There are atmospheres and then there are places like this. You can expect never ending excitement and that includes food, drink and entertainment. We promise you this, you have never consumed any food that is smoother and more tasty. Their sauce selections are phenomenal and they range from mild to super hot. You definitely will want to start your experience off with some French Onion Soup. But in terms of an entree, you are not going to believe how amazing the Chipped Kielbasa sandwich is. The variety of craft beers is astounding and outstanding at the same time. The bartenders and the owners are as friendly as can be and they know how to treat a customer so that they feel like royalty. So, if you are in need of a relaxed vibe and some live music while you munch on some very high quality food, you need to get here as quickly as you can.
  • Cook and Shaker
    (215) 426-2665
    2301 E Albert Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125
  • If you bring your own growler into this fine establishment, the staff will be more than happy to fill it up with one of their delicious drafts. Their slogan is an apt one, stay for a pint and leave with a growler. Make sure that you ask what their food specials are because you can't go wrong with how tasty all of their choices are but it is also very nice to save quite a bit. For vegetarians, one of their specialties is the Buffalo Fried Brussel Sprouts. The beer selection is nothing short of excellent and the kitchen staff makes sure that the food keeps pace. Two of their signature dishes are the fish and chips and the pierogies and both are exceptional in every way. Happy hour is a fun time and the patrons are all very friendly as are the servers. Attentiveness is a major priority and you will be love being dotted on.
  • Alamodak Restaurant
    (267) 665-0088
    161 Cecil B Moore Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19122
  • There is nothing healthier than Middle Eastern cuisine. Authentic in every way, your taste buds are going to be dancing a jig when they experience, the kabobs, baba ghanoush, falafel and more. Their grilled houloomi cheese is out of this world in terms of taste and texture. Another amazing choice are their steaks made from lamb. Of course everyone wants to know about the hummus and we can honestly say that it is as fresh as you have ever had in your life. The portions are absolutely huge and you do not have to worry about leaving hungry. And the service staff have been well trained to make sure that each and every patron that walks in the door will be treated with the utmost respect and will have a great time enjoying everything this place has to offer. You do not want to miss this very special gem.
  • Loco Pez
    (267) 886-8061
    2401 E Norris St, Philadelphia, PA 19125
  • If you're wanting some amazing Mexican food when you're out and about with your Party Bus Philly group in Aramingo Borough, then give Loco Pez a try! This old school joint with the old fashioned menu board is just too good when it comes to tasty food and ice cold drinks! The sangria is just great and they've got a pretty decent little beer selection! The nachos and pez tacos are possibly the most popular things on the menu, and dollar taco night is definitely the right time to be there! The waffle fries are a must-have, just a great excuse to dip-dip-dip into all their amazing sauces! If you've got vegetarians in your group, the fish and seitan/mushroom tacos are always a great bet. The al pastor will just melt in your mouth. So many good things for you to enjoy here. We love the hipster vibe. TVs here too! You'll want to note that this one is cash only.