Philly Bar Hopping


So, its time for a good old night out with the guys or with the gals or a mixed crowd it doesn't really matter. Basically, its time to just let off some steam and relax with a few libations and some good friends. There are many ways that you can go with this. You can do it the traditional way by visiting a number of venues and staying at each for so long and then moving on. Or you could get a bit creative too. You know, maybe add a treasure hunt element as you divide your group up into teams. Or what about some good trivia where people win prizes if they can remember details about one pub at the next pub. There is always pub poker or pub golf, whatever will keep things interesting. The bottom line in the end is to have fun and relax with your friends. But there is one additional factor that you are going to want to consider. Since you are going to be traveling around, you do not want to take the risk that you could possibly get a DUI or even worse have someone in your party injured. That is another huge reason to talk to us and involve us in your plans. You will love this option and you will love what the vehicle does for your great night of revelry.

The benefits of our party buses will astound you. Believe it or not, you will be able to drink on board while en route to each destination. That means the party will truly never stop. But it also means that you do not have to worry about a DUI or worse. And by leaving the driving to us, fighting traffic won't be a problem or searching for parking spots or meeting up with your friends. Everyone will be together for the entire night. You will be dropped off at the door of your chosen venues and then conveniently picked right back up at the same place. And you will be happy to know that our party buses are kept in the best shape possible by certified mechanics.

But once you are on board, your head is going to explode when you see the features that we have installed for you to enjoy. Your experience all starts with with an atmosphere and ambiance that will blow you away. All of the vehicles have bar areas and you can stock the coolers with whatever your pleasure is. And yes, you can drink on the bus. Go ahead and make as many toasts as you feel like. Chill out on the customized leather wraparound seating. Dance on the customized area which offers a dancing pole for special moves. To dance you need music and that won't be a problem stereo we have installed. And if all of that is not enough, we have also installed multimedia. Do you believe us now when we say you are going to have a blast in one of our vehicles?

Your next move is to come up with a date and time for your bar hopping experience. Combine that information with the number of people who will be joining you and you are ready to call us. You will love talking to our agents because they have been trained to treat you with the highest level of customer service. Ask your questions, voice your concerns and then let us know if you are ready to book. Our goal is to fit you to the perfect bus for your group and event. Our customer call center is always open and we are always ready to talk about your needs and how we might help satisfy them. We want to be available whenver our customer need us. So that means that everything is in your lap now, contact us when you are ready and we will be ready to offer you exceptional service in every way and make that bar hopping night something beyond what you ever dreamed it could be.