Party Bus Blockley

Blockley District Bars & Restaurants

Here are some of our favorite spots in Belmont District!

  • Zavino
    (215) 823-6897
    3200 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Let's talk about one of the very best Italian restaurants and wine bars in the Blockley Township area of Party Bus Philly's service area. Zavino is perhaps best known for their melt-in-your-mouth pizza, and it IS really delish, but we also adore their full array of Italian specialties. The eggplant parmesan is a stellar example of that goodness, a classic dish that you'll want to indulge in time after time. The meat and cheese board is always a really nice way to kick things off, sharing some filling appetizers with your party bus group before you dig into the main dish. If you noticed that this one is labeled as a wine bar, you're likely a fan of those, and so are we! We're really impressed with their selection and they do in fact have a full bar as well, not to mention spectacular happy hour prices that will help you to save even more money. A top recommendation!
  • Han Dynasty
    (215) 222-3711
    3711 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Han Dynasty is a Szechuan restaurant that has taken such great care of our Party Bus Philly customers in the Blockley Township area. If you love spicy Chinese style fare, this is definitely a must-visit for you. The dry pot beef is an irresistible dish that we'd recommend time after time, and so many of our party bus groups go wild over their dan dan noodles. The crispy spicy cucumber is rumored to be the must-have here, and we also really adore the dumplings in chili oil. The string beans with minced pork are also a wonderful complement to any meal. There is in fact a full bar here and they offer excellent outdoor seating as well. Indoors you will find televisions for your sports- or news-watching needs. This is always a busy one, so make arrangements well in advance for your larger Party Bus Philly groups!
  • Distrito
    (215) 222-1657
    3945 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Distrito is a Mexican restaurant and bar that we think you'll really enjoy visiting when your Party Bus Philly travels bring you to Blockley Township. It's especially ideal for birthday celebrations and other big parties because they have so much space available. The fish and chicken tacos are just out of this world. Talk about amazing flavor! If you are like us and can't get enough of queso fundido, definitely be sure and try theirs! Your group will really enjoy it. The mahi mahi is another really popular choice here. This is a trendy and pricey spot but it's well worth every penny, both for the beautiful ambiance and for the sensational food. The service is also really exceptional. There is a full bar and they do have happy hour pricing! The best nights to check this one out are Thu-Fri-Sat! No outdoor seating here, but they do have TVs inside for sports!
  • New Delhi Indian Restaurant
    (215) 386-1941
    4004 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • New Delhi Indian Restaurant is an enticing one if you're always after a mouth watering Indian meal. The vegetarians and vegans in your group will really appreciate the mouth watering salad bar that is offered, and even the pure carnivores among you will probably be tempted by it! Very impressive. The lamb korma is a must-try dish and we just adore the naan here. If an Indian restaurant doesn't have amazing naan, it simply will not make our list of recommendations for our Party Bus Philly customers! The veggie samosas are just incredible too, and how about the chicken tikka masala? Oh, we just cannot get enough. At the end of your meal, you even get a complementary scoop of ice cream. What a perfect way to end a spicy meal, with a cool and creamy treat. This one is surely one of our top recommendations for Blockley Township area customers!