Q: How would you describe your fleet of vehicles?
A: All of our limo buses have all sorts of entertainment and navigational features inside. The sizes of the vehicles are like the length of a regular limousine but with the size and space of a bus.

Q: What sort of features are inside of your vehicles?
A: Each vehicle has all the of the state of the art audio, video, and navigational features. It ís like have a nightclub on wheels. Take a look at our VEHICLES page for details on each vehicle.

Q: What sort of discounts exists?
A: There are price differences depending on the time of the day, time of the week, and the time of the year. Speak to one of our agents to get more information on what ís available at the time.

Q: Is alcohol allowed?
A: Yes, alcohol is allowed as long as everyone on the bus is of legal drinking age. If there is anyone not of age, alcohol is not allowed for the whole party.

Q: Should we bring our own drinks?
A: Sure. Please bring your own drinks since none will be supplied.

Q: Can we smoke?
A: No. Smoking is not allowed. Any evidence of such will results in a detailing fee.

Q: Can we bring food on the vehicle?
A: Yes, but donít make a mess! Any clean up may result in an additional detailing fee.

Q: Is a deposit necessary?
A: When the reservation is booked, a valid credit card needs to be on file.

Q: Are tips to the driver allowed?
A: SURE! If you want to tip the driver, pay them I cash before or after the rental period. A 10 to 20 percent tip is a good rate. If you want to add the tip as a part of your initial quote, just let us know.

Q: How much does one of your vehicles cost?
A: A lot of your cost will depend on which vehicle you want or need, the day and time that you want to rent it and how long you want it for. For instance, there are certain days like Monday through Thursday where you will experience quite a bit of savings because it is considered an off time. Your best option is to contact our office and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents. Our agents are well trained and will be able to ask you a few simple questions and based on your answers, fit you to the perfect vehicle for you and your group. We promise that you will never be oversold. And the quote that you receive will be your bottom line cost, we do not believe in hidden fees.

Q: What if we want to stay on our vehicle longer than we agreed to?
A: We certainly have no objection to that. The key to making that happen is whether your vehicle needs to be back to be prepped for another run. If that is not the case, you can have it for as long as you want at the same hourly rate.

Q: Will you provide the alcohol?
A: No, according to the law, we are not able to provide our customers with alcohol. However, you will find built-in coolers of ice for your favorite libations. So, feel free to bring anything you and your group desire and stock the coolers.

Q: Are there any dates and times when you do not operate?
A: No, for your convenience, we operate 24/7, 365 days a year.