Party Bus Germantown

Germantown Borough Bars & Restaurants

Here are some of our favorite spots in Germantown Borough!

  • Tony Stella's ENCORE
    (570) 325-4440
    66 Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
  • When you have a craving for a truly delicious Italian meal while you're out with Party Bus Philly in the Germantown Borough area, Tony Stella's ENCORE is an excellent choice. It even features a bar in the back called Absinthe House that so many of our party bus groups really enjoy. When it comes to the menu, one of our favorite things to have is the spicy gazpacho with crab and shrimp, and the tomato cream soup with shrimp is another one in that same vein that's just dee-lish. We just adore the Chilean sea bass and that amazing bloody mary grilled cheese! You're not going to find that elsewhere, that's for sure! The unbreaded crab cakes are another favorite of ours, a nice twist on the usual, and oh-so-flavorful. As previously mentioned, there is a full bar here for your enjoyment, and they offer outdoor seating as well. Televisions for the sports watchers too!
  • Stone Row Pub & Eatery
    (570) 732-0465
    45-47 Race St, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
  • Stone Row Pub & Eatery is such a modern and enticing little gift, tucked away on Race Street in the Germantown Borough area for our Party Bus Philly travelers. The menu consists of exciting comfort food dishes, such as the lentil loaf with grilled vegetables, the deviled eggs with wasabi, and even just really delicious burgers! Even the simple things are so elegantly presented and so filling and satisfying. The millet burger is an enticing twist and we are pretty hooked on their pineapple chutney as well! The pork platter appetizer is a nice option and we love the samosas too. We consider it a major highlight that they cater toward people with food allergies and specific requirements, such as macro dieters, vegans, gluten-free, etc. There's even a full bar here in case you'd like to take the edge off and get a good buzz going, or just enjoy one glass with your meal.
  • Tommy's Subs
    (570) 325-4030
    72 W 4th St & North St, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
  • Tommy's Subs is a really popular lunch stop for so many of our Party Bus Philly customers in the Germantown Borough area. The Italian hoagie is the way to go if you ask us, just loaded up with so much goodness to fill you up and keep you satisfied. It's a classic favorite, needless to say! The buffalo chicken rango is awesome and we adore the Philly cheesesteaks. Even the mozzarella sticks and fries are so good that you'll happy travel a long distance in your Party Bus Philly vehicle for them! You won't believe how affordable it is to feed your whole group, so if you're footing the bill for everybody but you're budget-conscious, this is a smart spot to hit up. A mark of a really great place is if it's super popular with the locals, and this one certainly is. Of course there's no alcohol here, but you should have plenty in your party bus bar. TVs but no Wi-Fi. Great service.
  • Dom 'n Ali's Steak & Seafood
    (570) 325-8110
    777 State Route 903, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
  • Dom 'n Ali's Steak & Seafood is a steakhouse that so many of our Party Bus Philly customers enjoy when they are out and about in the Germantown Borough area. Incredibly affordable considering the super high quality here, it's really the kind of place where you'll want to sink in and remain for hours, noshing on yummy meats and seafood, and sipping your cocktail, beer, or wine while you converse with your party bus group. One of our top recommendations at this establishment is the balsamic chicken salad, just so amazingly flavorful and fresh. The wings are mind blowing too, definitely a popular choice. This place has a cozy steakhouse/sports bar type of vibe, and they have a great full bar to go along with that. The only thing that we think is missing here is some great outdoor seating. But it's so nice inside, you won't want to stray.