Party Bus Germantown

Germantown Township Bars & Restaurants

Here are some of our favorite spots in Germantown Township!

  • Tony Stella's ENCORE
    (570) 325-4440
    66 Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
  • Party Bus Philly partygoers in the Germantown Township area know that Tony Stella's ENCORE is such a perfect place to gather and celebrate with their best friends and family. They have some truly mind blowing poultry, steak, and seafood dishes here that we just can't get enough of. The tomato cream soup with shrimp is a top recommendation of ours, followed very closely by their yummy spicy gazpacho with crab and shrimp. If you're a lover of Chilean sea bass, they've got that too, and it's just incredible. The bloody mary grilled cheese is something that we haven't seen anywhere else, and everybody just goes crazy over it. They also have crab cakes that are so tasty that they'll just blow your tastebuds away. There's even a full bar in the back called Absinthe House that's quite the attraction all on its own. Nice place to watch the game as well!
  • Dom 'n Ali's Steak & Seafood
    (570) 325-8110
    777 State Route 903, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
  • Have you had the pleasure of checking out Dom 'n Ali's Steak & Seafood yet? If not, why not make it a point to stop there during your upcoming Party Bus Philly outing? Anyone who can appreciate a good steakhouse meal will truly enjoy themselves here, sipping delicious cocktails or wine or beer all night long while you partake of some of the most delicious poultry, steak, and seafood dishes in town. If you love a good salad, you'll be beyond impressed with the ones that they offer here, including a balsamic chicken salad that has really bowled us over! They're also well known for their wings, which tie in well with their steakhouse slash sports bar vibe. Kick back, watch the game, enjoy some good conversation with your party bus group in this perfect ambiance... it's really as good as it gets! This one deserves a prime spot on your list of destinations in Germantown Township!
  • Stone Row Pub & Eatery
    (570) 732-0465
    45-47 Race St, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
  • Stone Row Pub & Eatery is a great option for comfort food seekers who are on the road with Party Bus Philly in Germantown Township. The lentil loaf with grilled veggies is a clear top recommendation here, very popular amongst our crew and customers alike. Their hamburgers are just out of this world too, with a millet burger ranking tops on our charts! The deviled eggs with wasabi are an enticing mixture between a classic dish and a modern flavor. The pork platter appetizer is something that you'll certainly want to indulge in for a starter, or perhaps you'd rather dive into some of those yummy samosas. We've also got to give their pineapple chutney a shout out. If you have special dietary needs, they will take good care of you here. There is even a full bar for you to enjoy, so order up a glass of wine, beer, or a finely mixed cocktail and enjoy that buzz.
  • Tommy's Subs
    (570) 325-4030
    72 W 4th St & North St, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
  • Now, if you're out here with Party Bus Philly in the Germantown Township area and you're looking for a really good and affordable lunch, we're going to point you to Tommy's Subs time after time. They have a huge array of delicious subs for you to choose from, all loaded up with the highest quality ingredients! Our personal favorite has got to be the Italian hoagie, but there's absolutely nothing that we wouldn't recommend to you here. Nice cheesesteaks, yummy buffalo chicken rango, and even mind blowing cheese sticks and fries! We recommend ordering both to go alongside your sub. So fun for sharing! Whether you're dining in or just grabbing a whole bunch of subs "to go" in your Party Bus Philly vehicle, you will love this spot. No alcohol is served here as you might expect, but if you go with that "to go" option, you can enjoy whatever you stocked in your vehicle's built-in bar!