Party Bus Kingsessing

Kingsessing Township Bars & Restaurants

Here are some of our favorite spots in Kingsessing Township!

  • Vietnam Cafe
    (215) 729-0260
    816 S 47th St, Philadelphia, PA 19143
  • Vietnam Cafe is really an amazing haven for those in the Kingsessing Township area of Party Bus Philly's service area who love Vietnamese food. This is a restaurant, not a bar (though they do serve alcohol), and they serve up some of the most delicious pho that you will ever lay tastebuds on. There are quite a few dishes that we'd recommend to you here, including the mouth watering pork claypot (heo kho to) and the yummy house special vermicelli. The house special is the flaming volcano and that's something that we'd recommend just as highly if not more than all the rest! Mm-mmm good! If you're more of a seafood lover, the fish claypot (ca kho to) is an absolutely perfect option for you. If you decide to opt for a fishbowl, the clear choice when it comes to alcoholic beverages here, definitely share it and let your pro chauffeur do the driving! Whew!
  • Aksum
    (267) 275-8195
    4630 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143
  • Aksum is our favorite Mediterranean restaurant in the Kingsessing Township part of our Party Bus Philly service area. It's quite affordable for the super high quality of food that is served here, and we are talking about some of the yummiest dishes around, like the shrimp pil pil, the red snapper, the Moroccan chicken and waffles (ooh, so good), the lamb shank, and the french toast! Oh, we could go on and on with all of the dishes that we adore here. There's no alcohol served here, but they do allow BYOB, which a whole lot of our Party Bus Philly customers really appreciate! You will love the trendy and modern ambiance here, and the outdoor seating is a major perk when the weather is beckoning you outside. There are no distractions here, no television, no Wi-Fi, so you can put your phone away and just relax with some good conversation with your best friends!
  • Vientiane Cafe
    (215) 726-1095
    4728 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143
  • If you haven't yet had the pleasure of dining at Vientiane Cafe, then we think you should make the effort to check it out during your Party Bus Philly trip in the Kingsessing Township area. They have such amazing dishes for you to try here, all loaded up with yummy veggies and tofu... such good stuff. Just a couple of our top recommendations include the chicken panang curry, the coconut soup, the red curry with chicken, the crispy vegetable spring rolls, the mango sticky rice, the deep fried bananas, the ice cream... we could really go on and on and on forever! They just have so many wonderful things to enjoy here! The only possible downside here is that they close down between lunch and dinner, so you'll want to double check those hours before you head out. They are closed entirely on Sundays. No TVs or Wi-Fi here, and no alcohol, but great outdoor seating!
  • Dahlak
    (215) 726-6464
    4708 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143
  • Dahlak is one of the greatest Ethiopian restaurants that you'll ever have the pleasure of dining at, located out here in the Kingsessing Township area for our Party Bus Philly groups. Some of our customers even just stop in to the bar in the back to enjoy a couple of drinks (they do have an excellent list of beers), but we definitely recommend staying for a full meal. The Eritrean style dining room is just beautiful, just the nicest ambiance you could ever desire for your party bus group. The yebeg key watt succulent lamb meat in berbere sauce has got to be our favorite thing on the menu, followed very closely by the combo platter with shrimp wat. They have a gorgeous outdoor patio that you'll certainly want to take advantage of when that summer weather beckons. The hours are limited here, from 4:00pm-10:30pm daily. One of our top recommendations!