Night Out in Philly


Talk about a place that is sizzling with activity. The Philadelphia area has numerous night spots that are not only welcoming, but offer the best in terms of cocktails, live music, dancing and so much more. If you are looking for a certain cuisine to go with quality drinks, you can find it. If you consider yourself more of a hipster, there is an establishment to meet your needs. We could keep going down a list of a wide variety of hangouts, dives, sports bars, pubs, dance clubs and more. For instance, if you are really in the mood for some great gaming and drinking combines, you can check out Barcade which doubles as a bar and an arcade. For sports and beer, try the City Tap House. To check out some great views, there is an awesome rooftop establishment you need to see to believe. It is called Continental Midtown. This place is popular among your professionals who grab a martini and then head out to the deck to enjoy the night sky. And one of the really great things about Philly is that if you are looking to hit multiple hotspots, all you will need is a classy way to get around.

When it comes to that classy way of getting around, we have a great recommendation for you. Your mode of transportation is something that will make or break your experience. Check into renting a party bus from us at Party Bus Philly. We can provide you with so many references of happy customers. One of the main reasons we are so successful is that our high quality service meshes well with plans like you have. By having one of our luxurious party buses for your entire evening, there are so many benefits you will get to experience. Our vehicles are setup for groups of friends to have a blast and for the party to never stop. And think about how nice it will be to have everyone together for the whole evening instead of trying to get your group to meet up time and time again, what a nightmare. With our professional chauffeurs, you certainly won't have to worry about getting lost. In fact, the only thing that you will have to worry about at all is laughing it up with your buddies. Just imagine being dropped off at each establishment on your list and the convenience of being right at the door will put a smile on your face. We like to call our service your one stop solution. What about the fact that getting a DUI has been taken out of the picture. That alone is a great reason to rent one of our party buses. We also want you to know that we take the maintenance of each and every one of our vehicles very seriously. Our fleet is constantly being worked on in order to keep it the best in the business.

But the real thrill of our vehicles are the features and amenities that we have installed in each one. We love talking about the great features we have installed. Let's start with the very cool lighting. Your mood will be on a high when you look around and see all that our party bus on wheels has to offer. But it gets even better. You won't believe the beautiful decor and there are coolers where your favorite drinks will be kept for your enjoyment. Of course, you probably are going to have to pinch yourself when you begin to down one of your favorite cold drinks. The customized leather wraparound seating is a super comfortable place to plop down and chill for awhile. Once you have rested for a bit, hop out on the gance floor complete with dancing pole. And there must be music to set the ambiance and with our stereo system you will be in fine shape. You will forget that you are even on a moving vehicle when you see the televisions you can watch. And dis we mention the dark tinted windows? We thought you might appreciate a little privacy.

We know by now you are convinced that our transportation option is exactly what you need for your night out. So, at this point, we urge you to contact one of our agents. They love talking about the service that we provide. So, don't hesitate to ask questions. Our booking process is painless, all you need to know is your date and time of service, number of people who will be coming, and pickup location. Let's take this night out experience and make it the most phenomenal time of your life.